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                                  The upgrade of Haocheng VI and the promotion month of Haocheng corporate culture are officially launched

                                  In June 2020, Haocheng Group launched the VI upgrade. It fully uses the new Chinese logo & VI application, and upgrades again from the logo to the office template and then to the corporate culture promotion carrier, which appears in everyone's field of vision with a more concise and systematic image.

                                  Brand-new upgrade-- the brand foundation is tamped again

                                  There are three key points in the upgrade of Haocheng VI1. External - Strengthen the brand recognition of Haocheng "HCB". 2. Internal-Standardize the use of its brand logo and its extended materials. 3. The concept of exclusive color value of "Haocheng Green" is put forward.Maybe you know Tiffany Blue, and please remember Haocheng Green from now on.The purpose of this upgrade is to consolidate the foundation of brand management and to lay a solid foundation for HCB brand promotion in the future.


                                  English combination logo-For overseas area


                                  Chinese combination Logo-For Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan


                                  The exclusive color value of Haocheng green

                                  R:0  G:150  B:88C:100  M:0  Y:85  K:5Pantone:3405C

                                  Please call it Haocheng Green in the future.

                                  Examples of extended items for VI are as follows (part):


                                  Steady to Win - Launch of Haocheng Group's Culture Promotion Month

                                  Corporate culture is not only the mission, vision, purpose, spirit, values and business philosophy with our own characteristics gradually shaped in the practice of production & management, recognized and observed by all employees, but also the symbol reflecting our management practice, management system, employee behavior and enterprise image.

                                  With the development for 25 years, Haocheng Group has cultivated a unique corporate culture. In 2020, a little bit special and tough year, we should retrospect our original aspiration and our long-held beliefs and missions along the way.

                                  Therefore, Haocheng Corporate Culture Promotion month will be officially launched tomorrow!

                                  The corporate culture will be promoted in three forms in the hot July:1. Haocheng Ruiyi work group-daily "good morning Haocheng" greetings. 2. Special training of corporate culture. 3. Official Wechat account-award-winning interactive Q & A.

                                  Renovate and upgrade is to move forward better.

                                  Do not forget your original mind, and walk steadily far away.

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