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                                  Specialize, Focus and Create a Better Future | HCB and GNR Renewed Long-term Technical Consultation Cooperation Agreement



                                  HCB Battery has been cooperating with GNR institute of the United States since 2018. GNR provides technical consultation and support services for HCB. Based on the success of these two consulting businesses, both parties hope to continue their business relationship. In April 2019, the two parties renewed the long-term cooperation agreement on the technical consulting project. GNR will make HCB the exclusive commercial battery customer in China. President - Mr. Yu, General Manager- Mr. Ruan, Executive Deputy General Manager - Ms. Zhang, General Director of each department in HCB and two American experts attended the signing ceremony.



                                  The goal of the business relationship is to position HCB as a world-class manufacturer of lithium primary batteries. GNR shared this goal and was happy to join the team. This cooperation is an important part of the development strategy of HCB. By conquering technical barriers and resource integration, we will improve our independent research and development capabilities, accelerate innovation, continuously improve product quality, create core competitiveness to provide customers with more effective professional power solutions and services.



                                  We believe that this is not only a simple technical cooperation project but a platform through which the two American experts will be part of the HCB family. We believe that the technical cooperation projects between HCB and GNR will surpass the meaning and value of technology itself. We will explore the cutting-edge technologies and development trends of the lithium battery industry together and provide users with a safer, more advanced technology and better quality lithium battery products. The world will see china though HCB!


                                  With Experience of 24 Years

                                  And Wisdom of 600 Persons

                                  We Do only One Thing

                                  We Power Your Technology

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