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                                  Competing in The Americas Market | HCB Battery Exhibited at ISC WEST 2019

                                  The three-day Western International Security Conference & Exposition 2019 (ISC WEST) opened on April 10th at Sands Expo in Las Vegas, HCB super capacity Li-MnO2 primary battery series (CR) and ultra-thin primary soft batteries (CP) were wonderfully unveiled at the exhibition.


                                  The Western International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC WEST) is recognized as the largest security exhibition in the United States, it get the great support of the US Security Industry Association (SIA) and the California Alert Association (CAA). There are more than 1,000 exhibitors at the exhibition, the number of merchants has reached 30,000 and the exhibition area is over 25,000㎡. ISC WEST began in 1967 and is held in the western United States city of Las Vegas every spring.

                                  At this exhibition, HCB mainly exhibited our primary lithium batteries including super-capacity Li-MnO2 primary battery series (CR) and ultra-thin primary soft batteries series (CP). The super capacity Li-MnO2 primary battery (CR) CR123ASC whose capacity is reach 2100mAh and intrinsically safe is up to ExiaIICT6; the primary soft batteries series (CP) can meet the light weight requirements of modern electronic products, no voltage hysteresis. HCB demonstrates its ability to provide one-stop power solutions and services to customers from batteries, battery packs and professional solutions.

                                  HCB primary lithium battery can be applied to intelligent home system fields such as smart door locks, access control systems, smoke alarm systems and temperature alarm devices; and IoT applications such as smart parking, intelligent transportation systems and ultra-long standby vehicle tracking system.


                                  We power your technology! HCB continues making improvement to pursue perfection and paying much attention to technological development & innovation. We sincerely have the experience and strength to provide reliable products & good services to our customers all over the world. The world will see China through HCB.


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