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                                  You create innovative products, we provide innovative battery solutions —HCB provides you with professional lithium battery solutions for IoT Industry

                                  On July 30, 2019, the 12th International IoT Expo of IOTE 2019 was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. HCB Battery Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition and discussed the development trend and the future of the IoT industry with all enterprises in the IoT industry chain. 

                                  PART.1  HCB attracts much attention

                                  At the International IoT Expo this year, HCB presented professional power solutions and specific scene application cases to the participants. Many exhibitors and customers have stopped at the booth of HCB to further discuss with HCB employees the application technology requirements of lithium primary batteries in the corresponding fields , and seek for possible cooperation.


                                  PART. 2  You create innovative products, we provide innovative battery solutions

                                  Two professional forums “Global Smart Container and Smart Logistics Industry Summit Forum”and “2019 Shenzhen International IoT Sensor Summit Forum” were set up at the International IoT Expo. to provide more professional exchange and discuss platform for participating enterprises. As the leading lithium primary battery manufacturer in China, HCB Battery Co., Ltd was invited to attend, and the director of the Marketing Center, Ms. Liu Yuan, delivered the keynote speech “You create innovative products, we provide innovative battery solutions” on behalf of the company. 


                                  (Ms. Liu yuan gave the keynote speech of "You create innovative products, we provide innovative battery solutions -- the application of lithium battery in the IoT industry" in two major forums)

                                  Starting from the specific application of the IoT industry,Ms. Liu Yuan pointed out that no matter how the production and life scenarios are applied and upgraded, electric power is always the focus of our concern and discussion. Short service life,unable to be used under low temperature environment , high maintenance cost of products have been the three pain points of battery application of IoT products.

                                  Therefore, as the only power supply manufacturer in China that can provide a full set of solutions for lithium thionyl chloride cylindrical battery , lithium manganese dioxide cylindrical battery, lithium manganese dioxide soft battery and lithium thionyl chloride battery +capacitors., HCB provides professional "ER+ battery solutions" and "innovative CP soft battery solutions" for products in IoT industry.

                                  Finally, Ms. Liu yuan showed the typical cases of battery solutions for the IoT industry to the participants on site, and proposed reasonable battery optimization solutions from four dimensions, which was recognized and affirmed by the people in the IoT industry and received warm response.


                                  You create innovative products, we provide innovative battery solutions. In the future,HCB Battery will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of “Continuous Improvement, Striving for Perfection”, focus on R&D innovation and technological advancement to provide you with the most complete power solution.

                                   Forum introduction

                                  Global Smart Container and Smart Logistics Industry Summit Forum

                                  The summit forum focused on hot topics such as “cross-border integration, cross-border services, collaborative innovation, and industrial upgrading” in the field of smart containers and smart logistics, which was recognized and concerned by government and industry experts.

                                  Leaders of government agencies such as the “Transportation Bureau”, “the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology”, “the Market Supervision Administration”, “the Yantian District Industry and Information Technology Bureau” in Shenzhen, and Representatives from “the National Container Standardization Technical Committee”, “the China Shipping Society Container Transport Professional Committee”and “the Ministry of Transport”, “Water Transport Science Research Institute”, etc attended the forum and delivered an important speech.The aim is to present the development status and future blueprint of the global smart container industry and intelligent logistics industry to the public.

                                  2019 Shenzhen International IoT Sensor Summit Forum

                                  The forum is a complete industrial chain of the Internet of Things, covering the Internet of Things perception layer, network layer, computing and platform layer, application layer, involving RFID, sensors, mobile payment, middleware, short-range wireless communication, low-power WAN,big data, cloud computing, edge computing, cloud platform, real-time positioning.

                                  It is also an international event showcasing comprehensive solutions and successful applications in new retail, industry 4.0, smart logistics, smart city, smart home, smart grid, anti-counterfeiting, personnel, vehicles, military, assets, apparel, books, environmental monitoring and other fields.

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